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I saw the picture of her wearing your sweatshirt
and you wearing the sweatshirt I just gave back after four years and
I wonder if she knows
that I wore that sweatshirt when I saw you after 3 months
and cried in the back of the car because I missed you so much
I wonder if she knows
about the time that you slowly took that sweatshirt off of me and
kissed me everywhere I’m sure you’ve already kissed her
I wonder if she knows
how you loved it when I wore nothing but that sweatshirt.

Even though you’ve washed every bit of me out since
I know a piece of me is still there and
I wish I could tell you she’ll never love you like I did
and I wish I could tell her not to even try but
who am I to judge?
I’m not a part of your life anymore and
you’ve made it clear I never will be again but
I hope maybe you thought of me when she
pulled that sweatshirt over her head and you
finally saw she wasn’t me.

on seeing a picture of you with her | a.m.t. (via sweet-red-wine)

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"This homework is optional but you should do it for practice"


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omg that was beautiful
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omg that was beautiful

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I wonder how many times you’ve compared me to her.
(Ten word story)

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